by KareMeKuc co-founder Max Clary

Oh man what a day! I have been traveling now for about 35 hours but it really hasn’t been bad at all. I honestly have had worse connections traveling through the US. I’ll give you a quick run down of my day and then I should head to bed because our car will be waiting for us at 7 AM to drive Nellie and I the 8 hours to Lira. Oh! I should also mention that Nellie is now my new Ugandan wife. Mazel tov ( or however you spell it) or Hongera (thats congratz in Swahili)! Long story short because Nellie and I are sharing a hotel room it was taking way too long to explain that she was a research partner so we settled at she is my wife.
*Note below is an account of my day and what went through my head. I know some of you will find this interesting and because I have the time, I thought I would share. Some of you may just want to know I am okay and I am safe: So, I am okay and I am safe in the guarded hotel.

Anyways, a quick run through of the trip so far:

I woke up at 3:00 AM in Stinson Beach, California on the 31st and promptly upset my grandparents because I woke the dogs up while I was getting a muffin. Opps. We all then drove over the foggy mountain so that I could board my bus that was gonna take me to the airport. I get to the airport and find out that now your carry on must weigh 10kg or less so I had to do some quick shuffling around in line but it all worked out. Everything was nice and easy and I was able to meditate and watch the sunrise in the airport before I boarded my plane. Plane ride was good. I slept. I woke up in Ontario, Canada and everyone was very nice per the usual Canada vibe. I had my first legal beer as I worked on a report we are doing for rehabilitation center in the DRC. Then while waiting for my flight I met a very nice girl name Marine who was from France and was just studying abroad in Canada. Very cool girl, interested in studying psychology, human connections and art. Then on the plane from Canada to Brussels I sat next to a WONDERFUL woman (Shout out to you Sheryl if you are reading this). We talked about life, growing up and kids. Great lady. So, it was nice to find these connections with random people and it once again just amazes me, when you act with vulnerability people just open up and all the sudden you can really connect with a total stranger better than how some friends ever talk to each other. Life is beautiful. So after that plane ride I land in Brussels and I meet Nellie as we are waiting to fly to Entebbe. My heart was in my throat the whole time! I was/ am so so so excited to be in Uganda. It’s unreal that this is happening. My legs were sore so I pulled out the good ol’ hacky sack and hacked in the middle of the airport while tons of Ugandans and missionaries stared at me like I was insane. Flight to Uganda was uneventful. I worked, read, and slept. THEN WE ARRIVED IN UGANDA! Customs (if you could call it that) was much easier than I thought and we were through the airport and had our bags in no time. Nellie and I were waiting outside for our driver to take us to the hotel and so I started hacky sacking again but this time people were much more playful. The taxi drivers came over and tried to play with me but ended up pretty much just dancing and then a 8 year old little people named Muvuna Priss (I think) came over and played with me and was having such a great time! He got pretty good and it was a lot of fun! So our driver comes and picks us up and it was very similar to India. The driving lane were completely ignored as we cruised going 70 km/hour in a 30 zone. This is where Nellie first became my wife. How romantic. The streets looked similar to India, people just hanging out and selling things out of little shanti houses. There was a military and police presence but the place does not seem like a war zone or really unsafe. Observing on the ground eased both Nellie and my mind and I am sure some of yours. We got to the hotel which was surrounded by a big gate and guard and the staff were very nice and professional. The man at the desk brought our bags up to our room so I wanted to give him a tip and I gave him 2000 shillings which at first I thought was a great tip. Then after he left, I thought about it a little more and realized I gave him about 75 cents. OPPS! I will correct that one in the morning. Anyways, I finally got the internet to work and now I am writing this post and looking through all the wonderful birthday messages. I love you all very much, and it has been a great birthday! (That’s a big deal for some of you who dont know)

Thats all for now. Most posts wont be this long but I had the time so why not. Have a great day!

My Ugandan Wife :p



2 thoughts on “Arriving safely

  1. Wow ! Great story, love it ! Wait your married now? Haha jk ! So glad your adventure is beginning. Have a incredible time and love to hear more soon ! 😄


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